The Five-Step Formula that works!

A business needs a website for only one reason—to make money for the business. The success of a website is ultimately measured by its performance. It must work for the business, help the business grow, and make money for you. That begs the question, exactly how do you do that?

Our process starts with identifying the business goals and objectives your website needs to achieve. Only when the goals are clear can we engineer a solution to achieve that goal. We spend a lot of time understanding our client’s unique business in order to design a very customized and effective solution. We’re not in the business of building websites. We’re in the business of growing your business.

Having a website that is well-built not only ensures that your customers find your site. Once your site is found, it also converts visitors into customers. In my role helping companies grow using technology, my goal is to make every website I create achieve this objective. A website that is well-built becomes an asset that pays you back many, many times over, and provides a foundation for ongoing business growth.

A Well-Built Website the Cloud Mountain Marketing Way

A business
needs a website
for only one reason:
to make money for
the business.

These 5 Easy Steps are a specific and measurable formula I developed to help create a healthy return on investment. These five elements make up the equation for website success. When your website is developed using this formula, you can achieve consistent, spectacular results and turn your website into your most valued employee.

1. Purpose—Business Goals

The critical foundation that most people skip when designing a website is a clear business purpose. First, the overall business goals need to be clear. Then, you need to have clear, specific business goals for the website. Without this any web design is just shooting in the dark.

What makes Cloud Mountain Marketing unique is the business coaching we provide before beginning the design process to ensure that your web design is built on a solid foundation.

2. Verbal Design

What you say on your web pages about your business and why it’s special is critical to the success of your web site. A website that is written strategically will perform many essential tasks, including engaging your customers, making them want to do business with you, communicating to them your unique value, and getting them to take action.

The bottom line is, the content on your business’s website should not be good. It must be great to be effective. One of the most unique aspects of our design process is the coaching that we provide to help business owners clarify the truth of who they are and then own that truth in sharing it with the world. Your ideal clients are attracted by clarity. Then we channel that clarity into excellent copywriting so that your message has maximum impact.

3. Visual Design

A website’s visual design is often the only thing people pay attention to when building a new website, and still most of them miss the point. Many people, unless they have been to our boot camp, Power Strategies for Making Your Website Your #1 Employee, or are readers of Steve’s best-selling book, 5 Easy Steps, aren’t clear about the difference between pretty design and professional design.

The fact is, the design of the website has a very specific function. Many people view it as an art (and I agree), but a website is much more than good looks. Every aspect of a well-built website should be to make that website achieve its purpose, to do exactly what it is meant to do. Your graphic design must not only communicate your brand in a single glance. Your website represents you on every page, so every page is an opportunity to bring in business.

4. Functional Design

Each aspect of the website’s function and layout should direct your visitor toward a specific goal. A website with good functional design makes it easy for people to do business with you.

In addition, how a business’s website is organized is a direct reflection of how organized the business is. When people have a hard time finding what they’re looking for on a website, not only are they frustrated with the website, they are frustrated with the business.

The functional aspect of a website is of utmost importance to gaining and keeping customers. It seems basic—that the website functions properly and gets visitors to where they need to go (so they can do business with you)—but unfortunately, this is often not the case. Actually, the functional design and design of the website’s navigation is often more work than the visual/graphic design. It is important that it gets the attention it deserves.

Are you up a flagpole?
Ever feel like you’re up a
flagpole with nowhere to go?

5. Technical Design

The technical aspect of building a website is often the least understood, but it doesn’t have to be. Yes, there are a lot of moving parts, but it’s not rocket science. It’s mostly common sense. And once you understand how the technology impacts your website’s ability to make money for you, you’ll never look at a website the same way again.

Everyone loves to spend time on a good-looking website, and good copy is very important. The function of a website, as we discussed, is also essential. However, none of this does your business any good if no one can find your website!

That is why the fifth and final step in developing a website is so essential to its ability to become your business’s #1 employee. In order to work for you, it must be accessible, and it can’t do that if it does not get found in online searches.

In our boot camp, Power Strategies for Making Your Website Your #1 Employee, and in Steve’s best-selling book, Five Easy Steps, we teach how this works, in clear language that anyone can understand. Not to make you a programmer or an SEO expert. But to provide a perspective that gives you a powerful advantage. Once you’ve cracked the code on how this works, you can build a successful, money-making website over and over again.

If you would like to have this “master key to online success” for yourself, come to one of our live events, or check out the MoxyBoost program and jump-start your business today.

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