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Steve's latest book,
5 Easy Steps to Make Your Website Your #1 Employee, was a #1 best-seller
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The only reason
for having a business website
is to make your business money.

– Steve Johnsen

Anyone can build a website. But can they build one that actually makes money for your business?

In this groundbreaking new book, bestselling author Steve Johnsen offers a simple, no-nonsense formula for evaluating your business’s website, and reinventing it so that it quickly starts making exponentially more sales. His straightforward explanations dispel the myths about websites and teach you how to make your website a powerful tool in growing your business.

This revolutionary approach is built around five simple steps that provide a clear path to making your website profitable. Understanding these Five Easy Steps allows you to finally have a website that actually works for you 24/7 as your #1 employee.

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