Can it really work for me?

A common thought is that you have to have a certain sized business in order to use Internet marketing well. In reality, the Internet is the most democratic marketing medium ever invented. It levels the playing ground between the one-woman shop and the Fortune 500 company. On the web, using only bits and bytes, a small startup company can look like—and become—a multi-million dollar business. (See also Websites are Not Expensive.)

We have worked with companies across all types of industries, including consumer products, apparel, insurance, healthcare, biotech, software, publishing, education, professional services, transportation and more. We have worked with Fortune 100 companies as well as many small companies with only a $1,000 marketing budget.

In fact, it is the effective use of Internet marketing that separates many of the most successful startups from those that get left behind. All successful entrepreneurs understand that good marketing is an essential part of successful business growth. Here are just a few real-world examples of how that works.

Tweetie Pie Bags Web Design

Original Tweetie Pie Bags site

Tweetie Pie Bags® had an image problem. As a brand new company, they had succeeded in designing and manufacturing a collection of incredibly adorable reusable shopping bags that fold down into animal and flower shapes. Everyone who saw the bags instantly wanted one. But their website (right), was turning business away.

Although the website allows retail customers to purchase the product online, their real goal was to get distribution in large retail chains.

Tweetie Pie Bags maker of adorable reusable shopping bags

Tweetie Pie Bags needed a website that communicated the charm and appeal of their bags, but that also presented them as a serious company ready to launch their product nationwide. We launched this website for them right before a major trade show.

The home page features their logo as a cute bag, and when you click on it, it unfolds into a Tweetie Pie Bag full of their own products

With the new website, they were able to immediately form relationships with several national retail chains, and booked several hundred thousand dollars in orders within 2 months of website launch.

New Software Package Lead Generation

A local software company was launching a new software application to manage compliance with regulatory requirements within the healthcare industry. The software was an incredible tool that met a real need in the industry, but because no one knew that such a thing existed, no one would think to search for it online.

Solution: They generated hundreds of information pages using content that they already had, to provide information to healthcare compliance officers about various regulatory issues. Most of the pages showed up in the first or second spot on Google on their respective topic, and each page would attract a few visitors each month. The pages also advertised the new compliance software. Collectively, the pages generated dozens of highly qualified leads per week, each worth more than a thousand dollars to the business.

Mass Destruction Marketing Strategy

The founder of a T-shirt company, Mass Destruction Creations, attended our boot camp, Power Strategies for Making Your Website Your #1 Employee, and later came to us with a budget of $4,000 for a new e-commerce website.

In a few hours we showed him how he could use existing tools that he already had to grow his T-shirt business online, and saved him $4,000!

Life Soap Business Growth Strategy

Life Soap is a case that illustrates the fact that Our business isn’t building websites; our business is building your business. Life Soap came to us looking for a new website, but with a limited budget. After spending some time to learn about and understand their business, we realized that the highest return on their investment would be to keep their existing site and invest in a good PR campaign. We hooked them up with one of Denver’s best PR firms, and they subsequently “hit it out of the park.”


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