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Cloud Mountain Marketing puts on a number of training events related to websites, SEO and social media throughout the year. To register for an event, simply use the convenient online registration on our live marketing seminars events pages.

We also offer customized training for business groups and associations. To book Steve for your group, contact today.

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Steve Johnsen, a locally recognized business marketing “genius,” is well-known for his business/technology seminars and boot camps, and is the very successful founder of Cloud Mountain Marketing, a company dedicated to helping businesses use their websites to make them money. Johnsen teaches business audiences how a strategically built website can become as critical to a business’s sales success as that business’s most effective employee. And marketing through technology, according to Johnsen, can be the most cost-effective marketing tool, hands down.

Johnsen is captivating to listen to, in large part because he backs up his advice with a level of knowledge and wisdom that is unparalleled by his peers. He has 30 years of experience in technology, and more than 20 successfully building and turning around businesses (some to over $10 Million). His unique perspective comes from bringing together the best practices in both technology and business to make a company grow exponentially.

Johnsen is a dynamic speaker who will leave your organization’s audience inspired and enlightened. He has a gift for cutting the clutter, explaining exactly how a strategically built online presence supports businesses of all sizes in their marketing and sales efforts. Simply put, when Steve Johnsen speaks, people listen!

Mr. Johnsen has two talks that he is currently presenting to business groups. Both talks can be tailored to fit a 20–40 minute speaking window.

How Your Website Can Be Your #1 Employee

According to business growth expert Steve Johnsen, a beautiful web site is nice, but web design is not just an art form. A web site should make your business money, and it won’t do that unless it has the right elements “under the hood.” Johnsen will talk about how your web site can easily become your most effective marketing and salesperson, and how it can make your business more profitable. He will also address three common myths about web sites and what they do for you. A strategically built web site is a rare asset; Johnsen will explain how to acquire this asset.

What your members will get out of the talk:

  • You will learn how to use your web site to make more money, now and in the future.
  • You will know exactly what to look for (and what to avoid like the plague) when you hire someone to build or improve your web site.
  • You will understand how to use your web site moving forward so that it’s always out there working for you.

To book Steve Johnsen’s appearance with your organization, contact us today.

3 Keys to Gaining Actual Customers and
Making Money with Social Media

You and your associates will be astounded when Steve Johnsen—one of Denver’s premier technology and business-building experts—answers the burning questions every businessperson has about how to maximize the effectiveness of social media. Most people in business today understand the fundamental position social marketing has assumed within a business’s marketing mix. It is an essential element in marketing to, and communicating with, customers. To many people, however, engaging in social media is an overwhelming and daunting proposition.

Steve Johnsen, in his discussion, 3 Keys to gaining actual customers and making money with social media, brings clarity to the whole social media conversation and offers tips for how to fully maximize this medium. Steve shows you how to strategically use social media to build relationships with clients and prospects, rather than using it as a broadcast medium…and he does it without “speaking geek.” Steve can give this talk in a 20-minute, 30-minute, or 40-minute presentation.

The bottom-line lesson is that social media can—and will—help you gain actual customers if you employ a few key principles.

To book Steve Johnsen’s appearance with your organization, contact us today.