Websites are not expensive!

As a consumer, when you want something, the important question is, “What is the cost?” Successful business owners have a different mindset. The question they ask is, “What will my return be?” Smart business owners know that most business expenditures are an investment that should give them a return.

When you buy a new computer, you expect that it will increase your efficiency and save you much more than you spent on it. (If it won't, it might not be time yet to buy a computer.)

When you hire an employee, you expect that employee to generate value for the company equal to at least three times his or her salary. If it’s a salesperson, that ratio should be even higher.

Similarly, when you spend money on marketing, you expect to generate much more in sales than you spent on marketing. Smart marketers know how to measure the results of each marketing campaign. By knowing what gives them the best return, they can allocate their marketing budget to maximum effect.

What is the ROI?

is more
a $900 website
that makes $100 a year,
or a $6,000 website
that makes over
a year?

A lot of businesses make the mistake of thinking that websites are expensive. Because of this, they either overspend on a website that fails to give a good return on investment (ROI), or they underspend and get a website that will never work.

Which do you think is more expensive, a $900 website that makes $100 a year, or a $6,000 website that makes over $100,000 a year? Which would you rather have?

While the $6,000 website is a much larger investment, the $900 website is actually more expensive, because it’s losing the business money. The $6,000 website has a much better ROI, and is therefore less expensive. If you could have a site that made you $150,000 per year, wouldn’t you find a way to borrow the $6,000 to get it?

Internet Marketing Gives the Highest Return

I’ve managed a wide variety of marketing campaigns. Some campaigns resulted in very few leads, even though we spent a lot of money. Some campaigns resulted in a lot more leads with less money. Some campaigns produced highly qualified leads that converted into a lot of customers. Some campaigns produced a lot of worthless leads that did not turn into customers.

I’ve consistently found, across all types of companies, that Internet marketing campaigns can produce more leads for less money than any other type of marketing, including direct mail, magazine & newspaper ads, radio & TV advertising, and trade shows. Of course, it has to be done right. But if it is, your website can truly be your #1 employee.

How to get your best return on investment

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