Webmaster Services for Your Business

Do you have trouble keeping your website updated? Outdated information, broken or missing hyperlinks, and uncorrected errors reduce your website’s impact and detract from your company’s image on the web. Cloud Mountain Marketing can help with adding new web pages, content changes and corrections, and ongoing site maintenance.

When employees turn over, changes need to be made to email accounts without any of your customer emails getting lost in the shuffle. Cloud Mountain can help with that as well! In addition, as the Internet evolves, new standards and new security threats mean that your website has to change as well in order to stay secure. Who is keeping you up to speed on these changes? We are here to be your advocates, to look out for your interests on the web.

Building websites that get results!

The way that a website is put together can have a huge impact on how much traffic and sales you receive from your website. Cloud Mountain Marketing will work within your existing web design to ensure that your website lives up to its full potential for providing you with the leads, sales, or customers that you need to grow. If you are creating a new site, we can with your design firm or branding firm to ensure that you will have a strong, professional presence on the Internet. For a complete evaluation of your website or a personalized quote, call us today at 720-216-2549, contact us on our website, or email inquiries@number1employee.com.

Webmaster packages

All of our webmaster packages offer unlimited support hours for a monthly fixed rate. Graphic design, copywriting, and SEO not included in fixed monthly support packages.





# pages managed


Up to 20

Up to 40

# Support hours/month




Page addition & deletion

included included included

Content changes

included included included

Image optimization

included included included

Email account management

included included included

Access to raw Apache web logs

included included included

Maintain compliance with RFC2142 for email accounts

  included included

Update & maintain DNS records

  included included

Maintain SPF records for improved email deliverability

  included included

Uptime monitoring & real-time alerts


eCommerce site management


Application software updates


Maintain domain registry records


Price (per month)




Packages are also available at a higher level. Call 720-216-2549 for a custom quote today!

Setup fees may apply.

Web Hosting

Cloud Mountain Marketing provides its clients with premium web hosting in a Tier IV data center (the highest class of data center in the world), complete with redundant backups, redundant power supplies, armed guards, and biometric access to equipment rooms. Our web servers offer hosting in a LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), the industry standard for security and reliability in hosting.