Website Tuneup Package

Is your website making you money, or are you frustrated with your results?

Broken down car
How to fix a website that
does not work?

Your business may simply need a website “tune-up.” Fire up your website to start making money for you now!

The most high-performance engine will not run if the timing is off by even one tiny degree. It is the same with your website. If only a few little things are off, it will not perform to the potential that it has.

Many business owners hire someone to build a website for their business, hoping it will help them grow the business. The reality is that the majority of these websites do not actually make any money. In many cases — even when you paid a lot for your website — the website serves as a glorified brochure, but does not work for the business.

We understand how frustrating this can be. You want your website to work for you. That is why we created the Cloud Mountain Custom Website Tune-Up.

Custom Website Tune-Up

For a small investment, the Cloud Mountain Custom Website Tune-Up delivers a huge return in your website’s performance and its ability to make money for you. Leveraging Steve Johnsen’s deep business and technology expertise and his proven methodology, the “5 Steps Formula,” through the tune-up we customize a set of recommendations for your website to begin performing the way it should.

“Because gaining the right traffic is key to the success of a new website I’m planning, I asked Steve Johnsen to help with Search Engine Optimization. I was totally impressed. Not only is Steve easy and pleasant to work with, but he really knows his stuff! He was fast and extremely thorough. In just a few days, he sent me an incredibly comprehensive report that’s proving to be both practical and really easy to use.”

– Victoria Munro, Make-it-Fly, LLC

With this website tune-up, you will walk away with exactly what you need to start your website’s “engine” and have it begin to make money for your business. We evaluate your website in four areas:

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Now the car can really go!
  1. Visual— When people go to your website, you want it to capture and motivate them to stay there. We’ll show you what to fix to create a graphic design that draws and stimulates your prospective customer, that connects them with the look and feel of your one and only brand. Your site represents you on every page, so every page is an opportunity to bring in business.
  2. Verbal — The words on your web page can build trust, credibility and a relationship with your prospective client without your ever having to say hello. A few tweaks here and there, the difference between a good word and the right word, can be as Mark Twain said, “the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” Our tune-up shows you where to adjust the “timing” to turn your website into a high-performance engine, so that each web page can engage customers, clearly communicate your value, and convert visitors into customers.
  3. Functional — A good website leads you. You don’t have to search things. Instead, there is a readily apparent flow to it. Since the site is easy to navigate, it gently guides the visitor toward taking the action that you desire them to take. The functional tune-up gives you the adjustments you need to have your website visitors start buying from you.
  4. Technical — Don’t let your website’s code create an invisible barrier that prevents people from finding you. Allow your website to be a magnet, not a repellent, where each page is visible to the potential customer who is searching for you online right now. Walk away with exactly what you need to take your website from 0 to 60 today. A technically great website must be founded on solid market research, so that you know what your potential customers are looking for online, and so that your site is built to be found by your target market.

How the Cloud Mountain Custom Website Tune-Up Works

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Getting the car tuned up

Give yourself a quantum leap with the Cloud Mountain Custom Website Tune-Up. Let the Cloud Mountain Marketing team show you the slight adjustments that will let you turn your website into a high-performance engine today. We provide:

  1. Clear, easy steps to achieving peak performance in each of the “5 Steps” categories.
  2. A proven formula for making your website a success.
  3. A complete set of recommendations on how to make changes to each of the four areas so that your website can start making you money right now.

The only purpose for a business website is to make money for you. Make your website start paying for itself today!

Your investment for this Tune-Up is only $1,197.

“One of the things that I like best about Steve and his company, Cloud Mountain Marketing, is that they’re not just technology based. They are there to help you get the most from your website from a business perspective as well as a technology perspective.”

– Robb Edwards, Global Referral Groups