Website Diagnosis
from the Web Doctor

When something is wrong with your health, you go to the doctor. He or she will ask you some questions, and may run some sophisticated tests. Then, based on their knowledge and experience, they will give you a diagnosis. You will know exactly what is wrong with your health and how to fix it.

The Web Doctor is IN!
The Web Doctor is in!

Your business website should be making you money. When it is not, who do you turn to? The web doctor!

With the website diagnosis package, we will:

  • Identify where your website is not achieving your goals
  • Analyze website & perform diagnostic tests to accurately diagnose the source of the problem
  • Provide you with customized solutions so you know how to fix it!

Many business owners hire someone to build a website for their business, hoping it will help them grow the business. The reality is that the majority of these websites do not actually make any money. In many cases — even when you paid a lot for your website — the website serves as a glorified brochure, but does not work for the business.

We understand how frustrating this can be. You want your website to work for you. That is why we created the Website Diagnosis Package.

Your investment for the Website Diagnosis is only only $597.

Cloud Mountain Marketing principal Steve Johnsen, known in the Denver business community as “The Website Income Strategist” will analyze your website, diagnose what is and is not working, and provide customized recommendations to make your website work for you!


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